Meet Versus, an eclectic streamer who loves to explore a variety of video games and share his passion for undiscovered indie horror games with the world. He‘s always up for a bit of random mischief, creating fun react content for his viewers, and going with the flow as he streams it all live. With a desire to give back to the community, Versus has even ventured into the world of music production, hoping to one day create music for other creators and Vtubers. Beneath his cheeky “Adult Happy Meal” moniker, there‘s plenty of creativity ready to unfold. Versus is on a journey without a specific source of inspiration. He simply wants to play games and have fun in front of an audience – and that‘s exactly what he‘s doing! So get ready to face the music and make sure to tune into Versus’s Twitch and YouTube channels. You never know what you‘re going to dance into but rest assured it‘s always an exciting surprise!

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