TiffanyWitcher, the Vtubing Charity Witch on Twitch, is a multi-award-winning Content Creator and advocate for accessibility who has dedicated their entertainment career to helping others in a space that lacks diversity. With over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry and five years of streaming under their belt, Tiffany has made it their mission to have fun, help those in need, and promote charitable causes through streaming. This Twitch Witch is truly an inspiring force with a passion for helping others. A digital activist and renowned streamer, Tiffany can be found playing cozy to heart-pounding games both online and off, providing thoughtful accessibility reviews, and speaking at conventions such as PAX East – all in the spirit of promoting inclusivity and creating lasting connections. Not only has she been featured in media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, but also honored as a local Spartan for Xbox. Additionally, Tiffany has contributed to over 70 charities during her streaming journey and generously supports the Lupus Foundation of America due to their personal struggle with lupus. A true champion of hope, resilience, and compassion, Tiffany aspires to assist others in their personal and professional growth by extending her support to those who are overlooked and deserve to shine.

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