Streamer, Artist, vTuber and aspiring Voice Actress they have brought to life the online persona of OverEZEggs (or Egg for short). Her dramatic growth on TikTok led to relative growth to her content origins from her Twitch channel gaining her a strong average viewership in just a few months. OverEZEggs is a hard working content creator; her model, art, emojis and stream assets are all designed directly by her as well as being her own lead editor for TikTok. She aspires to create engaging content while continually enhancing her vocal talents to create her own audio based projects in 2022. A well rounded streamer with a friendly sarcastic edge and a heart of gold. Recently Egg has achieved a charity stream that was able to generate $21,000 for the amazing organization NAMI! With the future in sight Egg is a powerhouse creator with an amazing understanding of any platform she actively uses.

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