Meet Kyuuon, also known as Kyuu, a talented and passionate streamer who excels at gaming, Live2D rigging, Voice Acting, and Song Covers. Kyuu’s dedicated to creating a welcoming and fun space for their community, and their hardworking and ambitious attitude has propelled their streaming career for over two years. Between their Live2D commissions and busy streaming schedule, Kyuu still has time to organize and accomplish impressive feats, like raising $2,370 for the “Hope for the Day ” foundation during a charity stream. The motivation doesn’t stop there as Kyuu is determined to expand their content creation to platforms like YouTube and TikTok while continuing to elevate their platform on Twitch. With an engaging presence and interactive streams, Kyuuon is a creative powerhouse guaranteed to bring happiness to your day. Come along for the ride – the adventure is only getting started!

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