Meet HootyHoo, the colorful himbo pirate! Whether you know him as Hooty or Captain, Hooty’s streams are like a hangout with an old friend from Neverland. As the son of Captain Hook and the Captain of the Hootligan Pirates, his main goal is to recruit as many crewmates as possible to help him sail the strange waters of the internet. Hooty loves to joke around and is eager to share his silly stories and experiences with his crew, one day he hopes to be financially stable in the doubloons department. While his streaming career wasn’t something he planned out deliberately, Hooty is happy that his ship cannonballed into what it is now – an entertaining space for his crew to gather around this pirate’s unique voice! Hooty is a big advocate for playing games, low stress, and just having a good time. With his vibrant personality and hooligan antics, it’s no wonder Hooty’s crew keeps on growing. Be sure to catch his ship sailing by the Twitch and YouTube Islands, you don’t want to miss his latest pirate tale!

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