Heavenly Father, known as Lord Headass and Big Chungus to his friends, is a Vtuber comedic content creator known for his role in Russian Badger’s content creation group, the “Badger Boys” or “CTE.” His hilarious storytelling skills and entertaining personality quickly made him a prominent member of the Rainbow Six Siege community, both professionally and non-professionally. Heavenly is known for his non structured chaotic style of streaming on both his Twitch and YouTube platforms and he’s always aiming to help others grow in the virtual sphere. This passionate Vtuber is driven by three words: long, dark and hard-headed. While he may not have any particular inspiration for what he does, he faithfully follows the rules of a friend who told him to ‘leave the world a better place than when you entered it’. With entertaining streaming based on video games and podcasting, Heavenly Father continues to make a positive impact for his Twitch and YouTube communities. His self-reliance and enthusiasm for life can be seen in every stream as he hopes to inspire others to grow and make the world a little bit brighter

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