Meet Grevillea Grimoire, otherwise known as Grimmi, the spooky-yet-friendly streamer who is always excited to share her love of narrative games and horror with her viewers. Whether she‘s racing through a horror game or just hanging out and chatting, Grimmi‘s infectious energy is sure to brighten your day. With her unique voice-over narrations, Grimmi brings game characters to life in her own creative way – earning her a devoted fan base who love her spooky style and various voice talents.

Grimmi puts her heart and soul into every stream, hoping to make your day a little spookier (and more exciting!) in the process. You never know what she‘ll come up with next, as she‘s always open to trying new things and expanding her horizons. From classic hits like Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid to the latest indie horror games, there‘s something for everyone on Grimmi‘s channel. So gather around horror enthusiasts and don’t be scared, she probably doesn’t bite… probably.

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