Meet Grape – the variety streamer with an enthusiasm for challenging games and a heart of gold. With an infectiously chaotic atmosphere in her streams, she‘s always ready to have fun with friends and viewers alike. Grape’s bubbly personality radiates good vibes, and she‘s not afraid to let her Genki, POG or Tomboy sides be seen! Grape’s outgoing personality shines through her variety streams, particularly in moments of amusing tomfoolery with friends or her beloved cat Peepeehead. As a self-starter and budding entrepreneur, Grape has even gone the extra mile by rigging up her own Vtuber model! Grape, who primarily streams on Twitch, is now active on YouTube and various social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter featuring sneak peaks of upcoming content and never before seen candid photos of the mans Peepeehead himself.

But Grape is not alone in her journey, and she credits a lot of her success to being apart of the fantastic group of streamers called GirlsFC. Together with Moriko Kyoho, Mint Castella, Nina Saotome and GEEGA, they bring an exciting blend of personalities and ideas to the streaming world. Not only do they share a passion for streaming and gaming, but they also share an important mission to build a more inclusive and supportive community. So join in the fun and let us know what you think GirlsFC should stand for!

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