Meet FroggyLoch, an incredibly creative streamer who loves to explore a wide variety of topics! With their bubbly and spontaneous personality, Froggy creates engaging streams that bring people together and make them feel welcomed. From art to gaming to weird improv expeditions with chat snacks – there’s always something new and exciting in store! This artistic talent earned them a BA degree in Animation as well as achieving the role of Senior Artist for Space Jam 2 where they were able to paint Marvin The Martian’s ship! They also illustrated for various published children’s books. When it comes to streaming, Froggy weaponizes their ADHD so no two streams are ever the same; you never know where the day will take you! They constantly strive to improve their skillset, learning new software and techniques. And don’t forget – if you’re interested in commissions, they offer those too! Above all, Froggy is passionate about creating a community of supportive friends who can relax, have fun, and maybe even crack a smile or two! So if you’re looking for a streamer who is just as creative and diverse as you are, make sure to check out FroggyLoch on Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok!

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